Friday, February 2, 2018

Welcoming Kerstin to Vincent House

Vincent House recently hired a new staff member in the Arts and Communications team, Kerstin Cook. Kerstin brings a unique skillset and kindhearted personality to the Vincent House team. Get to know a little more about our newest community member below in this featured interview.

Kerstin Cook
Kerstin first came across Vincent House when she was looking for a career which either focused on art and marketing, or one in a non-profit organization that helped people for a worthy cause. “Ideally, I wanted a job that served both purposes, but that seemed like a far reaching goal. That was until I came across Vincent House, and the Arts Rehabilitation Specialist position listed just that,” she exclaimed. Upon her first visit to Vincent House, meeting our wonderful members and seeing the unique Recovery through Work approach, Kerstin felt an immediate connection to the community. “I feel lucky and happy to have been offered the position, and now look forward to coming to work alongside members every day.”

Everyone in the Vincent House community brings a unique perspective and skillset to the team, and Kerstin is no exception. She began her career in digital marketing and graphic design as a Social Media Content Producer for Stetson University Marketing. There she developed skills in brand voice, journalism, and photography. After graduation, she started working at Riviera Dunes Marina as an Office Assistant, where she learned valuable customer service and sales skills. “I’m grateful for what I have learned and accomplished in my career so far. However, I knew I would be happiest in a position where I could really help people that needed it. I believe my diverse set of strengths and collaboration with members will help our community grow in new ways,” Kerstin stated.

Kerstin with members in the Arts & Communications team
We are excited to welcome Kerstin to the community and see how she will benefit our members in our Recovery through Work approach. Every member and staff works together to build up Vincent House, and strive for the best. “I can personally see value in the Recovery through Work platform,” Kerstin stated. “When I was without work for a few months after my graduation, I felt unmotivated and weary about searching for a job. Now, I take great pride in my career and helping members to achieve their own career goals.” To accomplish this, Kerstin brings some creative ideas to the team. From her background with social media and design, she believes we can further develop Vincent House’s social presence, in order to spread the word and help even more potential members in the area. “Ultimately, I believe that we can grow stronger together, creatively and in new ways that members want to go.”

Finally, we all like to know what our Vincent House staff enjoy doing outside of work. As an artist, Kerstin loves to practice her artwork, both traditional and digital. She frequents museums and gardens to get inspired, and she hopes to have her own gallery show open within the next two years. Additionally, Kerstin likes to write creatively, and even founded the poetry slam club in her high school. “I have a lot of diverse interests, from art to television, and I even have the aspiration to write my own rap album someday!” Kerstin exclaims. “I think Vincent House would be a great place to collaborate with members to make our own unique projects.” So once again, please help us in welcoming Kerstin to our Vincent House community.

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