Friday, October 20, 2017

Vincent House Welcomes our New CEO

What a remarkable woman of empathy and experience! Our newest addition here at Van Gogh's Palette -Raine Johns hired and our CEO- is indeed inspirational and carries herself well. I believe she will represent us with great expertise. First and foremost she brings fortitude to the table. She has, “been there and done that” one might say, in the mental illness field. Not only does she have a personal side to her journey, in that her daughter has been with PTSD from the mere age of 6. She currently holding down a job and attending college in San Diego. Raine learned throughout the experience how to be a friend to her daughter and to the people living with mental illness.

Ms. Johns comes to us from the Pinellas/Pasco Public Defender’s office with a 13 year career in an advocacy role for people living with mental illness.  Additionally, she has witnessed countless Baker Acts implemented, many unjustly. She worked diligently to see the release of such individuals without a voice, or means of defense in an, often times, debilitating system of unfairness. She knows the ropes, she is well connected, and is extremely committed to maintaining the fidelity of Vincent House and the foundation laid by Dianne and Elliott Steele. I, for one, say a great big thank you not only to her, but to the Board of Directors for their selection.   

I know Ms. Johns has her work cut out for her with our three current locations. However, being from Pasco County I stand very excited that she also has a vision for a Vincent House model in Pasco County, as well. We know she is the perfect woman to help us transform more lives of those who have mental illness.

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