Thursday, July 20, 2017

New Truck for our Wellness Initiative

Vincent House was the recipient of a Humana Foundation grant to implement their wellness empowerment initiative. The funds received allowed us to purchase a new Dodge Silverado which will help expand our garden.  The fresh vegetables from our garden are being used in our own prepared meals. Additionally the grant will allow us to purchase more tools so we can produce more to share with the community.

The goal of this Wellness Initiative is to address health needs within the context of our vocational services.  This project will ensure that members have the opportunity to improve their health, quality of life, and longevity.  In addition to the items as described above, funds will help educate in nutrition, mind and body connection, and with wellness consultations.

 Overall, this new initiative has allowed members to work outdoors, learn new skills,   and take control of their own wellness.  We are grateful for this grant and words cannot express the enthusiasm we feel to make this Wellness Initiative an integral part of our recovery.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Celebrating New Employments

Congratulations to our members whom are starting their new employment opportunities. Ben Darnell is working on a temporary employment opportunity as a mail clerk at the Public Defender’s Office and Chris Valenot√© has a custodial position at Digigone. Also, congratulations to Genesis Gardner and James Matacchiero for starting their permanent jobs after successfully finishing their temporary assignments at Sirata Beach Resort as a Pool Hut Attendant and Busser at Rum Runners. These outstanding accomplishments that we celebrate at Vincent House help to show everyone in the community that just because you have a mental illness does not mean that you can’t be just as successful in this world! The temporary employment opportunities sometimes help lead to permanent employment and is something Vincent House prides itself in. We thank all of our employment partnerships for allowing us to not only transform individual’s lives, but to curb the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Starting to Recycle at Vincent House

Starting to Recycle at Vincent House

We are starting a new process at Vincent House that has never been done before: Recycling. Vincent House is part of a larger community. Recycling shows we care about that community. When we recycle, it prepares us for other settings, where recycling is already an integrated practice. This will help us in our work environments and transitional employment assignments which already recycle. Here are some things we will recycle in our bins:


}  Paper

}  Cardboard

}  Steel and tin cans

}  Aluminum cans

}  Plastic containers

}  Milk and juice cartons

}  Glass bottles and jars


}  Plastic bags

}  Styrofoam

}  Lids – mainly plastic bottles’ 

}  Pizza boxes

}  Phones, fax machines, computers

Recycling will add jobs for our teams. We will have to empty the bins into the dumpster daily and also clean the bins with sanitizer and a rag. Recycling is an important way to show we take care of our environment. Let’s get ready to recycle here at Vincent House!