Tuesday, June 27, 2017

In an interview with Elliott Steele, Vincent House co-founder, Hannah Bouchey, a Vincent House member, discovered some history of the new Vincent Academy in Hernando County. Four years ago, Senator Wilton Simpson and other prominent figures in the community came to visit Vincent House. In Hernando County, there is a ratio of 1600:1 health care providers to people, as opposed to 800:1 ratio in Pinellas County. This need for providers was the reason for the extension of Vincent Academy to Hernando County. David Lambert (president of NAMI for Hernando County) and Senator Bill Nelson’s aid also came to see Vincent House and saw the need for a Vincent Academy in Hernando as well.  Senator Wilton Simpson was able to obtain a million dollars for the new building in Hernando, but 2.5 million more is needed for the construction which is due to begin in January 2018. Meanwhile a 2800 square foot building space is being rented across the street from the site. The Recovery through Work Program opened its doors on June, 5th 2017.
The process of opening Hernando’s rental space has been just like the beginning of Vincent House in Pinellas Park fourteen years ago. The members have helped clean the space, set up tables, chairs, and computers.
Elliott’s vision for the future of Hernando’s Vincent Academy is to have the new building complete and to extend out to reach people from Pasco, Sumter and Citrus counties as well.

Dianne Steele, co-founder of Vincent House, and Justin, Vincent Academy of the Adventure Coast member work side by side.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Our New Green Screen

Vincent House puts together a weekly news that is shown every Friday. We have incorporated a green screen to show better quality work, as well as lean new skill on Adobe Premiere. The green screen has impacted Vincent House tremendously. The Arts and Communications team now utilizes the green screen in our own show.  The green screen lets us insert any background we want. We just film the people in front of the green screen and then replace the back with any image we like. Editing with Adobe Premiere is a big factor. We can edit to make sure the video clips are up to par. The last video we did was a fitness video. Our video editor made it look like the actors were at the gym. The green screen allows us to use maps for the weather forecast and show locations previously not available, such as the new Vincent Academies in Sarasota and Hernando, in our newscasts. It's a great opportunity for our members to learn about current video techniques, as well.