Friday, December 1, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

At Vincent House, our primary focus is supporting mental illness recovery through meaningful work. Through that process, we also build community. As a community, we come together on holidays, providing a place for members, staff and their guests to gather and enjoy the company of others for those special celebrations.

This year, the Vincent House Thanksgiving celebration was held from 10 am until 2 pm, on Thanksgiving Day, with founder Elliott Steele and Janine Santillo, a staff member, hosting. Here, Elliott and other attendees share their thoughts on the gathering:

It was like the old days. Over 40 members and family shared our Thanksgiving meal. Some families
brought sweets and all participated in preparing, serving and enjoying the meal. When it came time to clean up, all worked together, and we finished just after 2 pm. —Elliott 

For me, I love to celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m thankful to have a place that opens its doors to members. It’s a blessing to me to have the opportunity to be here with the people I know, and to meet members and family that are new to me. When someone opens their doors on the holidays, it shows you that they really care. —Sonya H.

Thanksgiving Day lunch with Vincent House… the food and fellowship was wonderful. Vincent House even accommodated my low-carb diet: more turkey, and less other! —Clark 

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